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Richwood Cemetery

 In 1842 William Mosley sold land to Richwood Church and the church building was completed in 1844.   A cemetery was part of the church grounds for the members of Richwood Presbyterian Church and their families. The first burial in the cemetery was George Michael Bedinger, son of Major George Michael Bedinger, who died of cholera at Big Bone in 1833. 

In 1880 Dr. Benjamin Franklin Bedinger, another son of Major George Michael Bedinger, donated money for the purchase of ten and a half acres of land for a parsonage and for an additional one acre of land to extend the cemetery to Richwood Road to the east.  This section is now designated Section C.


Richwood Cemetery separated from Richwood Church in 1930 and became a community cemetery.   At that time the Richwood Cemetery Association was incorporated.  The Association Board of Trustees maintains the 6.94 acre cemetery which currently has approximately 1000 interments. 

You may call the sexton, Tim Stephens,  at (859) 653-3212.  Mr. Stephens maintains the cemetery and would be glad to answer any questions you have.

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